Hope everyone is had a fabulous weekend… We are loved every minute of the rainy weather here in Arizona. What a great excuse to stay cuddled up with my boys and drink hot chocolate.
Cash & I put up more pictures and stuff around the house, pulled out the holiday decorations (but we’re waiting until Friday to actually put them up), and then Brad returned home Saturday evening just in time for Football and lots of playing around with Cash.
 What a great weekend for sports in the desert. Everyone came out with wins! Cardinals. Sun Devils. Wildcats. & Suns. My Seahawks had a rest week. So life is wonderful!  
It’s a busy time around here… between thanksgiving. 1st birthday party planning. workouts. travel plans. christmas shopping. and the usual crazy. we are certainly not hurting for things to do. Which definitely had us welcoming with open arms, this forced lazy weekend. 
Now Monday is here & our sunshine has returned! Cheers!
Why not kick off the week with one of my favorite types of posts… I originally got this idea from another blog I read Sometimes Sweet. I have been trying to figure out this link back thing but I’m not quite sure I do it right??? So… go check out Danielle’s currently posts. She’s a great writer!
here you have it….

Listening to: Itunes Radio, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Station & Cash banging around tupperware.

Thinking About: How grateful I am for these mornings with my son (and hubby). Also my brain is on scramble mode with all the to-do’s buzzing around (i’ll get to those next)
love how much he adores daddy

Eating: Just some morning coffee & toast. My awesome MIL brought over a new Peppermint Mocha coffee creamer & it’s delicious! It’s just perfect for the holiday season. 

Mom are you gonna share that??

Watching: the Hallmark channel ALL DAY well not really all day but I am loving those feel good Christmas spirit movies! Pretty sure there are at least 4 recorded. Poor Husband lol. Oh & we recently started Breaking Bad {only 5 seasons to go until we catch up right! ha.} So far it’s as crazy good as they say

Feeling Thankful: For our amazing home and all the love in our family. money is tight {isn’t is always} but we are still so blessed. I’m so glad we both have jobs and that mine is so flexible.  
Working On: Cash’s 1st birthday party! {If you got an invite please RSVP} I’m so excited overwhelmed with everything that we I have planned. It’s going to be great fun!
Loving: that we have a DATE tonight! I can’t wait to go see the new Hunger Games Catching Fire tonight!! Our “babysitters” were in Vegas for the weekend {which they so deserved} so now that they’re back we get a little husband/wife time. I’m still laughing about Brad’s comment when we picked him up Saturday & stopped for dinner on the way home… something to the effect of “you know we could go to the movies tonight, oh wait we have a kid & crap” we both just started laughing! And proceeded to play out how taking lil’ man to the movies with us would be a funny disaster on so many levels. Few more years for that one kiddo!
Bummed Out On: Truth. nothing important! life is too great to be bummed out. Why sweat the small stuff! right.
Wondering: If I can pull off everything I hope I can in the next couple weeks. Shoot what am I talking about…. I got this!! 
Up & coming excitement: Cash & I are going to try out a baby Musicology class… Can’t wait to see what they’re all about. Plus we are thinking swim lessons in the new year. (after our Honeymoon!). This week I can’t wait to see his 1st birthday photo shoot! I already know it turned out awesome but I’m so exited for the pictures from Michael Kenan!! Here’s a little sneak peak!
Pure Awesome! 

Happy Monday Friends!!


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