Merry Christmas Eve

As our sweet baby sleeps I write to you with joy. Thinking of the reason for the season and all of the blessings out little family has experienced this year. Watching our baby grow. Becoming Mrs. Jenkins. A full year in our own home. And so much more. 

Sure there have been a few downs too… But in the end, God has been so good to us. I can’t thank him enough. 
What a day. After another delicious seafood meal we made one more attempt to get a Santa photo & missed out. Silly Santa went on break right as we walked up. So we took a photo by his chair… Close enough for this year. 

Then it was more mishaps and failed missions before we could get back to the house for Christmas Eve festivities. 

Entertainment value high on this day!! lol 

Tonight was loud and full of crazy. We enjoyed every minute of it. Shoot I didn’t even mind our over-tired, teething baby clinging and running to me in his moments of fussy. Poor kid. (I love seeing all the family for the holiday but I’ll love being back home in our routine Friday). 

Hope you’ve all been Nice this year and Santa spoils us all!
Hug your loved ones a little tighter tonight. And enjoy all off the magic this Christmas season has to offer. 
Sweet dreams friends!!

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