Happy New Years Eve!!

Oops. It seems to be the season to be putting off blog posts. 
Awe well… that is life. 
We had a busy great time visiting Washington. 
Here are a few shots from our trip

 I’ll be sure to post more pictures from the holiday trip soon!
{you know there are TONS}

I’ve found myself lately really enjoying these days after Christmas between NYE. It seems as though the crazy busy has just stopped. Instead we are spending lots of time in PJs, playing with new toys, eating all the bad for us leftovers (gifting away the rest of the cookies), and relaxing. 

 Hopefully this means that we are fully recharged and ready to take on the new year that is upon us!

I keep saying what a great year it’s been and gushing over how much I have to be thankful for… 
but shoot it is just to darn true! 
2013 has been more than Amazing to us! 
I am so pumped to see what the new year brings. I mean this one has been full of good ju-ju, positive thoughts and happy times it can’t be over yet! I have even better feelings about what 2014 will bring us.
There is so much in store I am excited to enjoy & savor each and every moment. 

For tonight I’m just going to wish all of you a very happy new year… 
The baby had his bath and is now sound asleep

So the hubs and I are going to watch a movie and then watch the ball drop!
Here’s to another wonderful year! 
I leave you with our possible new year “mantra” 

here’s to making a few more positive changes in the upcoming year…

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