Life Lately through my IPhone Camera & A trip to the Zoo

It always seems to be much easier to describe how life is going through pictures.

{or maybe that’s just me} 
But seriously I can’t help it. I just take a lot of them. It definitely doesn’t help my case that I recently got a new phone and the camera is better than the last one.  I’m sure as the lil guy grows I’ll start to lose the desire to snap a shot of every. single. cute thing he does. Wait who am I kidding it’s probably just going to get worse. Now if only I could afford one of those fancy DSLR’s… time to save up!!

Here’s what we’ve been up to… through photos & few words 🙂 Enjoy!

can’t seem to keep this kid inside when our weather is so darn nice!
so focused on the toys!
Personally I just love his shirt 🙂 

it’s okay to ride on this right mom?

pool time with cousin EJo. 
sometimes mommies need a little sunshine & pick me up after a rough day
chewing on furniture? Wine explained!!

Yesterday we had a fun family outing. Our niece is visiting from Washington for her Spring Break so we met up with her & the Grandparents at the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium. Seriously we had a blast! Even with Cash-man being a little cranky towards the end—-> due to teething, minimal nap time, & diaper rash he still seemed to enjoy himself!

And we snapped some really great shots!
this is my new favorite photo of us three!
 pose with the baby giraffe

oooo fishy 
 lots of pretty birds

 feeding the giraffes

this way to more animals guys
the log ride
and the aftermath
Today will probably bring even more adventures and fun I’m sure! For now it’s nap time… and then off to visit our good friends Carter & Cooper (hopefully), and then maybe a little Target/Babies R Us adventure to finish our shopping for Auntie Sarah & baby Noid! 
Stay tuned tomorrow for a brand new recipe! 
It’s delicious & sugar free. Gotta get swim suit ready right?
Happy Friday!!!

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