Edible Finger Paints

How do you feel about messes. Well don’t have a kid if it makes your skin crawl haha.
That is really what kids are…. Boys especially Noise with Dirt on ’em!!
But, don’t let this intro scare you, take it from me (the mildly OCD lady) it’s so much fun and totally worth the messes to be a parent! For St. Patricks Day {I know I know… it’s April now but I still want to blog about it so shhh… keep reading} we had one of my closest friends and her 2 boys over for a play date. I was super excited because I had a Pinterest inspired project planned for them!!

Edible Finger Painting!! 
How cool does that sound?? I mean seriously… I almost sat down as joined in the colorful mess.
The best part about this whole thing… It’s. So. Easy!
I literally scooped 1/2 cup (give or take) of vanilla greek yogurt into a container and mixed it with a packet of KoolAid. It was a little sour but hey just maybe they were discouraged from tasting the paint ever again. (mommy dreams right). Check out the cute shots we go of their painting party…

In case you couldn’t tell… the boys seriously dug it!!! It was so much fun to let them get extra messy and then play in the water table & spray the hose at them before they could come back inside. In case you didn’t catch it above this was some of the easiest & colorful fun we’ve had yet. Even though {2 weeks later} I’m still scraping little bits of yogurt off our back patio. I still can’t wait to do it again this summer. 🙂 So worth the Mess!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend my friends!

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