Cash is 16 Months!!

Holy Moly!
here we are again. another month has passed us by. Some days it seriously feels like multiple days in one with everything we’ve been up to lately. But I’m so glad it’s nots going quite as fast as it feels.

good thing he’s already learning how to file! 
and he loves his daddy! 🙂

On to the fun stuff…

AGE: 16 months old
 growing like a weed. truth: i didn’t measure him at all. but he seems bigger than ever and I really need to stop picking him up for the sake of my back. (oh man)
CLOTHES: still in 18 month clothing & pushing towards 24 months. It’s starting to get really warm here so some days we don’t wear much. He loves to be in just shorts like daddy. 

FAVORITE FOODS: starting to get picky lately, but I’m positive this has to do with the teeth that are pushing their way through his gums right now. {poor lil guy} He absolutely loves bread {hmmm guess he got that from his mama}. Also every kind of veggie & fruit wins over meats. Good thing he’s still getting protein in his milk.
this morning he tried bacon for the first time. it was a WINNER 🙂
FAVORITE WORDS: Choo Choo & Clock have been repeated the most lately. Of course Da Da is still a front runner but I’ve been hearing MaMa occasionally which is nice to hear 🙂 & I’m super proud of his use of sign. Some days are better than others but he is getting better. We’ve added please to his list of signed words {so far it includes more, all done, & please}
FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: he absolutely LOVES outside!! thank goodness we live in a warm state with a fenced backyard. 

Our lil guy is becoming independent in some ways, he’ll wander off to play by himself or read a book and chat. He is also getting more curious by the day, lots of furniture rearranging and testing out the stairs lately. And Dancing! This kid will dance at any & every beat of music he hears. It is the cutest thing. Even if it’s just a commercial.
LEAST FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: Being told no or he has to come inside both bring him to “tears”. That bottom lip pout is perfected & it cracks me up every time. {does this make me a bad mom? haha nope!}
SIGNATURE MOVES: flirting with every lady he sees when we’re out and about. It cracks me up to see him stare down a woman (no matter their age) until they look at him & then he breaks out in the biggest dimpled, toothy grin. He’s always making peoples day! Sweet boy!
FAVORITE TOYS: Oh man, there is a little stuffed dog that daddy has named Chachi. If you ask him for it he runs right to it (unless he’s in his hand of course). Tonight he had a death grip on the poor thing after he realized I had captured him this afternoon for a wash. 

MOM & DAD’S PROUDEST MOMENT: today in a tired moment he was doing his own thing and suddenly stood up crying with a bleeding lip. Some how he managed to bite it & we still aren’t quite sure what he did. Seriously? We were sitting right there. Kids are crazy! 

Every single day with this one is an adventure. I suppose most parents feel that way… We are so lucky to be on this ride!! This week Cash & I have a mini vacation planned. We are headed up to Washington to visit the family. Can’t wait to share our trip with you. Forgive me if there is some silence until we return. {I’ll try to not disappear but no promises}
And hey… Monday is over! So go have yourself a wonderful week! I know we plan to!

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