17 Months

Oh boy. this sweet boy is officially another month old… that means we’re at 17 Months! eeek… just about a year and a half (maybe I’ll stop counting in months then, maybe not). He’s really starting to look like a little boy these days. The short haircut certainly takes all the baby away {obviously this means that I’m considering leaving it long, but it’s just so hot that I feel bad}.

Don’t let him fool you… he’s not always so sweet. HaHa. Keeping us on our toes lately with the temper tantrums starting. But in all honesty they just aren’t that bad (yet). He doesn’t like to be told no or to be taken away from something he knows he’s not supposed to be doing.This face just makes us laugh.  {I’m cracking up just looking at it now, can’t take him seriously… he’s hardly putting any effort into it}

And arts and crafts is a HUGE hit around here lately…. It’s nice to have him busy with new things. I’m having so much fun coloring and even painting with him! {can’t wait to share our crafty mothers day gifts next week} One thing is for sure it’s time to get him his own size table. I have my eye on a couple different ones. But I think the Ikea one is going to win. I wish Ikea wasn’t so far of a drive….

Cash man is also loving the camera phone lately! He is getting used to the idea of FaceTime with my parents and he loves to get his face really close to the phone and give kisses. So much fun! 
Cracks me up how much he copies us when we make faces at him. Apparently this one stuck… it’s his new favorite face. Occasionally paired with funny noises for even more entertainment. 

Can’t seem to keep this kid off of the couch and the chairs lately. Especially if I’m sitting on one of them, he has to be up there too. I’m glad that he wont climb up unless one of us are up there so far. The tile really isn’t forgiving and this mama just isn’t ready for him to start jumping off.

He also LOVES daddy’s shoes. {uh oh} This picture got us both is big trouble {lol} If you know my husband then you know about his Jordan shoe obsession habit I mean he wore a pair for our wedding 🙂 Cash is definitely not supposed to be playing with the fancy ones. But it was just too cute to watch him try them on. Don’t worry buddy you’ll fit in your own pair of shoes just that size one day!

That just about covers all of the fun we’ve been having around here lately. For 18 months I’ll go back to the regular monthly update format (with all the stats). Hope you all are having a fantastic week!

Thanks for reading! 
 We’ll see you soon!

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