Mother’s Day- Grandma Gifts

Little Mister & I on Mothers Day

Don’t worry… this really isn’t yet another Mother’s Day post. I mean, let’s be honest the Internet blog land doesn’t really need that. It’s more my style… {you know a late holiday recap}
Or how about a little crafty DIY gift for the Mom/Grandma in your life.
We definitely had a wonderful weekend. I was spoiled by my boys, worked a shift at the restaurant and then had a really nice dinner. But I think Cash & I had more fun the week leading up to it, by getting gifts ready for his Grandma’s than anything.

It’s obvious that I have the best mom and most wonderful Mother in Law ever. So this year we decided to go a little above and beyond our typical Mom’s Day gifts. We got crafty!! {if you know me, or you’ve been following awhile it’s not really a shocker right} Let’s get on with it then… what did we do?

We let Pinterest inspire us & finger painted!!
The best part of this project is I only had to purchase the letter stickers (regular & vinyl) and new paint brushes {that I didn’t really need but they were on sale, don’t judge me}. I already had plenty of paint, the spray sealant, and the canvas was just waiting for a project. Perfect. 
So I spent a night carefully cutting out all the letters for both and arranging them on the canvas. The next morning during nap time I stuck them on and painted the mint over them, so that as soon as he woke up we were ready to go! 

 Mind you he spent a lot of time playing in the paint and trying to eat it. 
{my fault our last finger painting experience was edible, I didn’t think that through}.
  After a couple tastes he decided it wasn’t the same stuff and went back to the canvas. thank goodness. 
 Next up letting the canvas dry and testing the letters {just to make sure they would peel off}. 

Once the paint was mostly dry it was my turn to peel off all of the lettering and hand paint over the white to freshen it up. Along with painting the word Grandma because my vinyl lettering was a little too large to fit the whole word across the canvas like I hoped. 
After 24 hours of dry time and a couple coats of sealant.  
Here is the finished product. I’m quite proud of his finger painting skills…
Each of them is an original piece of art made by Cash. I even glued a couple of pictures to the back so they have the memories right with the art work. Realizing now I forgot to date them. I’ll have to sneak that in when I visit each of their houses lol…

Hope each of you mom’s had a wonderful mothers day. Whether you got to spend the day with your children or from a distance, as a mom they are always in our hearts. In the last couple weeks I have seen or heard of a few tragedies that make my heart ache for those affected and cause me to hug my little guy even tighter. I definitely took a moment to remember that Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate each and every mom in this world. Let us never forget about those Mama’s with babies gone to heaven. My heart goes out to those who didn’t get to spend the day with their precious children. 
I would like to end this post on a super happy note. One of my very best friends had her beautiful baby boy this week. She started laboring with him on Mother’s Day but he decided to be a little stubborn and was finally born on Monday the 12th. I’m so excited as I get to go visit them at the end of this month!
Congratulations Noid Family!!!
Zander Lee is adorable! 
ps. I stole this off her facebook so I’m not the first one to post him 🙂
I hope you all enjoyed this past week. We definitely kept ourselves busy. 
Lot’s of fun in the sun. Shopping for Mommy. Golf for Daddy. 
And our little guy is growing like a weed. 
See you soon!
It’s supposed to be 105 tomorrow… so there’s that too.

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