Easter Photos- just call this a catch up post

Oh you thought cause we’re halfway through May already that I wasn’t serious about my thoughts on posting about our Easter holiday? Ha. Think again. Queen of blogging procrastination right here. I mean not all the time but for the month of April I surely get the crown!

Yeah I know… this holiday has already came and went. C’mon are you really sure you’ve seen enough
shots of eggs & easter bunnies and family fun? No way! This much cuteness cannot be left out!
Feel free to skip through my jabber and enjoy the photos or come back later for another catch up post 🙂

I think Monday I can manage some new stuff haha

I promise I’ll keep it short. I’m truly documenting this for my own personal archives. You know a full on picture post… Why not have you all along for the ride while I’m at it. Here is a few snapshots of our Easter this year, I’m excited to see what next year brings as Cash is really starting to get into holidays!

Here is our Easter Weekend Recap! {get ready for photos}

Friday Morning “holiday themed” breakfast followed by some baking and of course taste testing

 this was his first time licking the spoon. mmmm Nutella. I’d say he’s a big fan!

Saturday Morning we met up with GranWen & Grandpa for an Easter Bunny Brunch at Desert Mountain. Cash absolutely loved the bunnies! I was impressed with their cute outfits. Maybe next year he’ll stand with them or let them hold him. He was too much in awe to care about photos. 🙂

Later that evening we dyed our Easter Eggs. Had to wait for daddy to get home from his work trip. but we fit it in! Cash really got the hang of it quick, although I think he was disappointed we wouldn’t let him splash in the colored water.

Easter Morning was lots of fun! Even though I had to work so we missed out on a few things we wanted to do. Cash was excited about the baskets and totally enjoyed his new book and marshmallow eggs.

lets just pretend that bowl is a basket. next year I’ll have it more together. I’ve got my eye on a few cute ones already.

yes he dumped out the contents of the plastic eggs everywhere.
the first one he threw at the ground and it exploded open.
I showed him how to open the second so we could have a little less mess only to have him dump it everywhere.
gosh it’s a good thing he’s cute.
enjoying that marshmallow egg are we
Truth that was the only piece of candy he got. Poor kid. He didn’t seem to mind though
While I was at work the boys made their way to the grandparents house where I met them for dinner. 
And some after dinner entertainment thanks to Uncle Jack and Cash

Ok. I think that about covers it! Recap Finished! I’m so grateful for all of the wonderful memories and I just love each day with this kid. He’s doing an excellent job reminding us to find joy in the littlest things without even knowing it. We are super excited for egg hunts and finding the right church for our family for next year so Cash can learn more about the true meaning of holidays. 
Stay tuned this afternoon for one more catch up post from last months adventures! 🙂 
Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. 

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