Renaissance Festival- a very late recap

Since I totally promised you all another catch up post. I fully intend to deliver this morning!

Wait no more. Here it is…

Way back in the end of March my parents were in town. Pretty sure I mentioned it here {the post has just sat in my drafts for a solid month. gosh what a fail. sorry mom& dad!!}
 But back to it, We were able to spend lots of time with them… which is always super fun!

Cash LOVES Grandparent time!!!

It was very exciting for them and me to introduce Cash to the Renaissance Festival for the very first time. It takes place in Gold Canyon, Arizona and is a great event to go spend the day wandering around back in Renaissance time. If you live in the Phoenix area definitely check it out next spring! We’ve been going for years and my family does it in style. This era of history is so much fun to get into and the festival is full of shows, food, beer, games, shopping and even a joust. Its got something for all ages!

with one of our favorite shop keepers, Jerry the Candle guy

the animals were a big hit with Cash 

and he loved the ride with Grammy B
mostly he loved exploring and checking out everything on his own.
with grandpa close by him {both of them slept great that night after all that wandering around}

we even saw one of my friends there and hung out together for a little bit
just like high school huh Steph {except she wasn’t dressed up this time}
it got a little hot so we stopped at the toy shop and played in the water.
Mom- next year we’ll get him a toy there 🙂
By the end of the day, the little guy was tuckered. 
I think it’s safe to say he enjoyed himself! 
How about that for a little recap of the day 🙂
We all really had a blast. 
Added bonus, this late posting is fun for me. I get to relive the memories a little. 
Don’t you worry that’s it for catch up posts {for now}, I have finally gone through all of the “old” drafts
I promise you tomorrow will be back to normal.
We’ve had a poor little sick kid this weekend. I had to postpone girls night due to vomiting and a “quick” trip to urgent care. But this morning he looks to be on the mend. So we can all get back to normal. {fingers crossed that daddy & mommy don’t get whatever he had though, it was gross}
Oh & a huge Happy Birthday to one of my bestest {shh thats totally a word} friends Amanda!
I hope you get a little spoiled today girl! 
Have a wonderful Sunday friends!

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