Tuesday’s Thoughts

today’s words of wisdom on the chalkboard

I’m finally sitting down. After a couple hours of kitchen time, a quick trip to the store and a little more kitchen time. We have freshly washed/cut up fruit & veggies. (side note: Mom, you were totally right. It’s freakin hard not grab one of those strawberries and eat it while cleaning them. But just to prove I could for you, I did it) OK back to it… oh yeah, there’s a Sugar Free Apple Crisp ready to bake (when I feel like heating up the house around 8pm. i.e. when our AC is cheaper), we’ve got Cowboy Caviar and some Chicken Enchiladas are now baking for dinner! Can you say I killed it in the kitchen this afternoon?? Like A Boss.
Of course while I’m standing there cutting, chopping, prepping & seriously wishing I could open a bottle of wine but I couldn’t. Mostly because it was 2 pm, daddy wasn’t home yet & my toddler refused to take a nap as he stood in his crib screaming and rubbing his eyes (don’t worry mommy won that battle), instead of wine I chose to start pondering my next blog post.
Oh yeah, you thought I was really gonna be able to post on Monday. HaHa. The intention was there but trust you me… my motivation was not. You see shortly after I posted twice Sunday morning (which makes up for the lack of Monday post in my book), I was attacked by the most vicious stomach virus you have ever imagined. I’m not even being dramatic. Ok maybe I am. But this thing was evil. I blame my kid really. Cause I know I got it from him. It was 4 hours of pain and moaning on the bathroom floor while somehow managing to hug the toilet *you get the picture right*. Pretty sure I snapchatted my friend a picture looking up at the porcelain throne. She knows who she is, your welcome 🙂 But yeah, it was followed by back pain, stomach pain, chills and one of the worst nights ever. Thank goodness for grandma who came & rescued lil man for the night right as the virus attacked daddy too. Needless to say, yesterday was spent recovering. And sanitizing. But mostly recovering.

Now that our house is virus free. I have a little time to write about the house happenings.
So here is is… todays fun. And my thoughts while cooking.

Such as out kid now likes to attempt the splits. Future gymnast?

If you follow me on Pinterest then you saw this one already but I’m seriously in lalaLove with our Anthropologie J Monogram Mugs. 
I know these babies are old news. Mind you I totally ordered them last December with the intentions of a “monogrammed 1st Christmas as a married couple” (yeah I made that up, it’s a thing. or at least it was going to be) But then somehow they said they were backordered. So that went out the window. And then I thought maybe Valentines Day would happen, when I got an email that it was their mistake and they would be sent right away. Sure enough I never got them. After a few calls/emails I heard back. Needless to say. It was a mess. 6 months later they’re here! Next time I’m making the drive to the store. Online shopping is supposed to be easier right???

How often to you shred chicken? Personally it’s almost a weekly thing. So many of our favorite recipes call for that stuff to be shredded. I love when I can take the easy way and let it cook all day in the crock pot until it just falls apart into shredded goodness. Sadly today didn’t call for that. Plus I didn’t realize we were out of chicken until about 3. So after a quick trip to the store and $30 in free chicken breasts {Thank you Albertsons for buy 1 get 2 free!! seriously why do I never realize when they are having those deals? glad I managed to stock up this week though BONUS} So after I pan simmered the chicken I went to do my usual two fork shred method {ugh this one I’ve started to dread, it really hurts my hands lately} So I did what any normal person these days does… I grabbed my phone & googled “easy ways to shred chicken breast” hahaha laugh now but it brought up some decent advice. I’m sure one day I will try the kitchen aid mixer method {google it}, but honestly no extra dishes were necessary today and I didn’t have 5lbs to deal with. Instead I went with the hands method. Why didn’t I think of this one on my own??? Seriously game changer. Get in there and shred that sh*t with your hands!

Isn’t it shredded pretty? No really don’t look to close, I wasn’t very detailed this time around. 🙂

Here’s today’s OOTD. {that’s outfit of the day for those that weren’t sure}

shirt: Express,  pants: H&M
 Simple Mama & kid style. 
I swear he had a shirt on until lunch when it attracted a collar full of ketchup & jumped into the laundry. 
Oh good dinner just beeped. Good timing eh. Now how about that wine! 
Have a lovely evening friends! 
See you tomorrow for a blog-aversary….

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