Happy Birthday Life is Peaches!!!

Hard to believe it… but this little baby is 2 Years Old today!!

I know crazy right!
{cue the confetti & sprinkles}
darn it. i should’ve had a donut today

Life is Peaches may not be quite all that I had imagined it could be {yet} but it’s a work in progress. To me it is an excellent little space on this big bad world of internet that I can call my own. So there’s that.
I absolutely love that this blog has become a sometimes spotty record of our life since baby and it will continue to grow as our family and our dreams do. As for this next year I hope to keep on adding to the record… With recipes, family outings, vacations, crafty projects, funny Cash stories and maybe even another family addition. Sure I would love to create my own brand, have more followers and maybe even start up my own little crafty shop. But, honestly I’m just not ready for all of that {not that I’ll turn it down if it jumps on my doorstep}. After countless hours reading other blogs and even starting to research the art of blogging I realize have lots and lots more learning to do.
Besides, all good things come in time… Right now my time is best spent with this sweet little boy.

It seems my computer is working way too hard tonight so it’s time to shut it down. 
Who know’s maybe that’s my cue for a new one {this one’s only 7 years old}
or how about a tablet… {hint hint hunny} 🙂
Hope you all had a wonderful day!
Be back soon!! 

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