that moment when it’s just too quiet

Every single parent knows it. unless you have a newborn, as they are still unable to cause the trouble I’m speaking of. but you will soon experience the moment of silence that makes you very uneasy.

A few weeks ago (back when I actually started this post) I had 4 quiet moments that ended in uh oh and another big uh oh a few weeks before that. Of course there are plenty of uh oh moments since, these ones are hilarious and so worth the share. And one that was just too much cuteness it almost balanced out all the bad ones. Let’s start with all of the hilarious uh ohs…

One word. Crayons.
Somehow our tiny ninja climbed down from the chair (where he was coloring peacefully), hid in a nook of our kitchen with his wooden step stool, and proceeded to color me a picture. Isn’t he thoughtful

Apparently mommy’s lesson was not learned, as a few days later while posting a blog, crayon ninja struck again. This time he hit the front door. Thankfully it was mostly an attempt to shove crayons into the peep hole at his level, which left me with green and blue tips in it. This only leads me to the question… why is there a peep hole at kid level anyway? is he identifying the tiny humans that come to visit? Guess now he’ll just see darkness. Unless I can toothpick the rest of the broken crayola pieces out

oh hey mom what are you doing?

this is what I was up to… let me show you
oh it’s stuck in there, don’t worry I got this

Crayons. thank goodness they’re washable!

Next word. Poop.

Before our latest trip he managed a super gross oops. This having been my second experience with poop not where it should be in a two week time span. {keep reading for the first}. However, this time was so expected I couldn’t begin to be mad. If you follow me on instagram you may remember the excitement about potty training accessories. We got a little too excited and without research or much forethought for that matter, little man was diaperless. Only a few small messes and he seemed to be getting the hang of what pee-pee was. I needed my own potty moment and went to use the restroom. Without much warning to Brad in his office. Before I knew it there was too much Silence followed with Poop. (I mean c’mon kid I was only gone 90 seconds at most) But sure enough we were gifted 3 nice little spots in the playroom, the perfect space between the two of us that neither had a line of sight to. Thank you tile floors. I don’t think mommy is ready for the 3 day potty training method yet.

And finally the extra “proud mommy moment” which I must preface with a big YUCK.
If you haven’t yet experienced poop in strange places as a parent, I envy you. Or I simply realize you’re not at that stage yet {bless you newborn parents}. As my luck would have it, I was alone with our little man attempting to entertain him and make dinner at the same time. Of course I shooed him outside to play where I could keep a close eye on his activities. Sure enough he bee-lined straight for the water table, fine. I can see him perfectly and hear everything if I have to turn for a second. So onto dinner prep… followed by that famously terrible Silence. I look out to see…


Isn’t he so darn cute

 until he looks down

and so do I. {be grateful I stopped photos here} what is that? Oh crap. No literally. Crap.
His now water logged diaper is leaking slowly into the water, what I didn’t know before he was shooed outside was that diaper was also full. of poop. Instant mommy shriek, followed with some ninja movements of my own to the strip that nasty diaper and hose down the kid. He laughed. the entire time. Somehow the hubby managed to walk in the door just after I had Cash dried, re-diapered and sanitized the whole water table. Pretty sure I sprayed disinfectant on the patio while I was at it.

oh and you wondered what that moment of cute was. Psh. Like my mom brain can remember what I originally wanted to say. Haha.

Hope you all have a very wonderful Wednesday… I’ll be back soon with details on our latest travel adventures, new recipes and some daily life details.

One thought on “that moment when it’s just too quiet

  1. Whew, glad it was just a bunch of poop that kept you from bloggin' 🙂 I was getting worried as I was counting the days since your last post, and come to find out it was just a bunch of crap! Thank you for sharing all your Mommy moments with us…Love you!


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