Lift Heavy. Get Fit.

Disclaimer ** there are some photos in this post that still make me cringe and others I smile about but I’m only trying to motivate!! happy reading

Wow. So I was doing my usual blog reading the other night and I found this blog post through a blogger I follow. {Trust me if you didn’t read it go back and click the link now so you get the full power of the rest of my post} This chick has it so right when it comes to weight loss and the problems with social norms. I mean really where did some of these theories come from? I look back and think of the ups and downs I have struggled with in my very own weight journey. No joke… my poor body has a through many ups & downs


But the knowledge I’ve gained though trial and error(s) combined with the education I worked so hard to earn. All have brought me to this point.

So many of my friends ask what are you doing? How did you get your pre-baby body back? I’m not gonna lie. I really didn’t try. (i know boo. hiss. throw whatever you need to at me).
I don’t mean I sat around and ate bon bons. I mean I did my usual gym thing with a few cutbacks and modifications when I could fit it in.
Sure it didn’t hurt my weight loss efforts to be,  breastfeeding. the heavy kid. the wedding planning. all the travel. the fact that he started moving around the house quick. and our daily walks cause Arizona is gorgeous from January -April (right when I was supposed to be walking anyway).
But … oh wait… I was lifting.

At that point I was actively trying to get to the gym 2-3x a week. and Lifting! I’m not talking just do whatever, throw around the 5lb dumbells. I mean get in the squat rack and make something happen. you will not get huge bulging muscles and popping veins from a regular weight training regimin. you will end up with lean sculpted muscles, stronger joints and a feeling of empowerment. It’s so totally worth it! I promise you…

It’s all about the weights ladies. Do not be afraid to grab a heavier weight and do a few less reps. 
Your  body will thank you with awesome results!!
And now I’m ready to go hit the gym!
Here’s to a wonderful week!

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