Merry Post Christmas!! {only 3 days later}

What a wonderful holiday it was!

I honestly can’t believe how quickly this one went by… Maybe it had something to do with how packed our last month and a half has been? Did I mention the other day that we’ve been busy??
That’s what keeps things interesting right…

We truly enjoyed the season this year! Getting the house all decorated, making a gingerbread house & teaching Cash all about Santa and Christmas. Have I mentioned how great it is to see a holiday through your child’s eyes. It really is a whole new experience to celebrate with your own child. I truly enjoyed each moment this year with Cash. Pretty sure I’m already excited for next year when we have a 3 year old & an 8 month old to share in all the fun!

Today I’d like to share a few photos of our holiday celebrations. Cause lets be honest it’s the quickest way to fill you in on the fun!!

Here is Christmas Eve… dinner with GranWen & “Dampa” {What Cash calls Grandpa} & a little present exchange.

Before I overload you with photos, how about a quick story of our Christmas morning. We were lucky enough to just be home this year and have a quiet morning with our little family. A side note, Cash has been on a very funky sleep schedule these days he’s been skipping his afternoon nap time and waking up at 6:30am basically since he turned 2, no fun for mommy & daddy but more on that another day. Back to Christmas morning…. Cash & I were up first cuddling in his room and waiting patiently for daddy to wake up around 7:45 I figured we should wander out and see what Santa brought. Cash was so excited he went running down the hall yelling “Santa Claus Santa Claus Santa Claus” but the minute he got to the tree he just stopped. Shrugged his little shoulders, turned and went in to play with his old toys. Little punk! We didn’t even wrap a few things on purpose and he was very much not interested. I couldn’t stop laughing at how unimpressed he really was. Not even a glance at the stockings. Thankfully when daddy came out about 15 minutes later Cash was much more interested in things (for a little while anyway).  Ah well, I’m sure as the years go by his enthusiasm for Christmas and Santa gifts will change. The real kicker is on Friday afternoon Cash looked at me and asked “wheres Santa?” like is he gonna come back today and do it all again? Too funny kid! I of course explained Santa’s job was done for the year and he’ll be back next Christmas.

And with that we are on to a few photos!

 He really enjoyed stockings… or maybe it was just the 8am chocolate

lil man had to stop and play with every new toy! especially the cars.

getting ready for the family fun at GranWen & Grandpas

Our little family {bump included}
Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas Holiday with your loved ones!!
Here’s to taking down decorations and cleaning the house in preparation for 2015!

While you’re here I should mention…. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s “bumpdate” 
As I’m very due for an update on baby boy #2!!
Have a great weekend!

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