22/23 Weeks

Hard to believe how fast the time is actually going!!

I know it was fast last time but I swear this one is flying by. My belly is truly making its presence known. Well in my eyes anyway. I’ve had a few strangers look at me like I’m crazy when I say baby #2 joining us in April. Pssh, I don’t normally have this ball hiding under my tummy crazy…

This week, I’m officially 23 weeks… no chalkboard for you, but here are a few bump photos.
On the left, Christmas Eve and the right is on the top of Camelback Mountain yesterday (Sunday). 
It was my very first time hiking Camelback. Honestly, I wasn’t actually sure I would be able to make it as my workouts have basically vanished completely these days. Unless you count chasing a 2 year old around the house/down the street/through stores of course. Personally I don’t. But my adrenaline must have kicked in or maybe just plain athletic determination and we made it to the top in 1 hr. 
I’m pretty proud and as expected, nice and sore the day after. 

Our little man is quite the mover. He pretty much kicks, rolls and punches non stop. Of course he’s most active at night {just like his big brother}. But even when I want him to just relax and give me a break, I really don’t. It’s so comforting to know he’s letting me know just how much he’s growing in there and that everything is going well. Except for his living space shrinking of course. 
How I’m feeling… well nice and tired. As I mentioned in my last post Cash has completely boycotted any idea of nap time. We pretty much have to trick him with the car in the middle of the day or simply wait until his tired little body gives in at 4pm. Which makes for a cranky toddler, mommy & daddy & “very fun” bedtime later on. 
This upcoming weekend will mark 24 weeks so I’ll be sure to take another chalkboard photo and give the official doctors appointment update! Until then there will be even more holiday photo sharing & maybe even a New Years Post… See you soon!
Happy last Monday of 2014 Friends!

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