Do you love Jewelry?

Honestly I’m not the biggest jewelry person
Well I AM but I tend to forget to accessorize. 
Plus I can be picky. I don’t need a bunch of cheap looking stuff, I wear so infrequently that it tarnishes hanging on my jewelry shelf.
Truth: I sometimes don’t put on my wedding ring if I’m not leaving the house, mostly because my fingers are starting that awesome pregnancy swelling trick. The diamond studs I wear in my ears my dad bought for me at 18. Those two pieces are usually all I remember. 
And Let’s be real here, I have a toddler so I don’t think an arm full of bracelets is the smartest option for either of one us. 
I gravitate towards simple but always gawk in awe at how put together other women look. 
It’s really nice to get done up to go on a date with my husband.
I also wish I could find the right statement necklace to make my “mom outfit” (white tee/blue jeans) pop.
Enter. Stella & Dot. I am seriously so excited to share this with you!!!
Sometimes you just need to be introduced to something to realize you’ve been missing out.
This past weekend, I attended a super cute trunk show hosted by an old high school friend. It was nice to hang out with a great group of ladies for a few hours and look at pretty things. Turns out I loved so many of the pieces. So worth it.  Not only does this company have delicate and pretty. But bold statement pieces too. The absolute best part is the price point. Sure they have all ranges, but I’m pretty sure the highest item was under $150. That’s something a mama on a budget can get behind. 
Mind you, I don’t typically splurge on things for myself this seems so worth it! A few pretty pieces to enhance my wardrobe and bump my self esteem, cause you know a mama can use that lift. 
I already ordered a pair of earrings. Hopefully they’ll arrive before our trip. 
But as soon as we get back I’ll be placing a bigger order to actually get that statement necklace and a few other “make me feel pretty” pieces!! 
Added bonus… I’m helping a good friend kickstart her own little business! Gotta support other mamas whenever/however we can! 
My friend is keeping her show open until the 28th of this month. 
So, Even if you’re not necessarily in the market, go ahead browse the selection. Hey you could even send a wishlist to your significant other… Valentines Day is just right around the corner!
 Careful it’s addicting! 
Happy Shopping!!

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