home sweet home again

Happy Weekend Friends!!

We are all officially home from vacation/business now. It feels really great to be back & I’m actually enjoying getting us organized again. We had a couple of lazy days and both boys are adjusting well to our normal schedule. I don’t want to jinx it but I’m a happy mama these days!

Little man slept through the night again & he rolled over for the very first time yesterday!
Big Brother is getting ready to start preschool this upcoming Tuesday!
{not sure I’m actually ready for it but I’m excited for him}

 And with daddy back from his business trip we are all back to normal… i.e. Pizza Sundays 🙂
Both boys were pumped tonight!!! Poor Lucas just watched us all eat. A few more months (give or take 6) kid and you will be right there with big brother… a piece for each hand!!

Hard to believe it’s already Sunday night… I have TONS of summer vacation pictures to share. So many things to catch up with. And about 5 lists of to-do’s/shopping/house stuff to take care of this week. I’m not sure I’ll finish it all but at least with Pre-school happening 2 mornings a week, there is a chance I can get more blogging done!! Which also means more Essential Oils tips & Food Recipes!!

Can’t wait to share everything with you all, very soon! 
Have a wonderful evening! Or Monday if that’s when you’re reading this 🙂
Bye for now!

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