9 Months // Lucas

“Lil” Lucas Gunner is 9 months old today!
This kid. I’m not sure there are words to describe his lil personality. He is a spark plug! And we love it. Well… except for the screaming. That can go any day now buddy!

Age: 9 months old
Nicknames: Louie, Gunner, Louis, Louie Guns
Weight: 19lbs 12oz
Height: 28inches tall
Head: 45.1cm
Clothes: He is in 9-12 month size clothes. Pushing more into 12month than anything. That belly & thighs are taking no prisoners.
Favorite Foods: So far there isn’t a single food that he hasn’t liked. Seriously. His stomach is endless & apparently iron. These days he would like a combination of stuff on his tray to shovel in along with someone spoon feeding him. He doesn’t turn down any food at all. Even after he’s had a full meal, he’ll stare at your plate and yell for some of whatever you’re eating too. Beans, Rice, Bananas, Cheerios, Pears, Avocado, Ground Turkey, Oatmeal (this list is endless)
Favorite Words: “da-da” He officially said it for the first time last month (Dec13th) but now it’s a constant. This week he’s added “la-la-la” Thanks to big brothers help we are trying to teach him “ma-ma” too, but no luck yet.
Least Favorite Words: nothing yet. except maybe “you can’t eat that”. or “all gone” when his bowl is empty
Favorite Activities: splashing in the bathtub. talking with daddy. playing with big brother & terrorizing big brother by taking his favorite toys. eating. pulling himself to stand on everything he can.
Favorite Toys: Big brothers matchbox cars. his toy remote. All of the tools and the workbench. The ol macdonald tractor & animals.
Signature Moves: Crinkling his nose and sniffing when he smiles. Making faces. Plopping his butt down after standing & looking tired. Slapping and baby talk. Laughing when Mommy sneezes (real or fake). Crawling after big brother. Zeroing in on any food that he sees, especially when it’s not being given to him. Screaming, yelling just to get attention or more food.
Dad & Moms “Proudest” Moments: poor kid gets called a girl almost every single day by strangers. It’s almost time to get him a haircut. I’m just not sure I’m ready for it yet.
Other Milestones: pulling himself up on everything he can reach. grabbing whatever he can get his hands on. taking steps when holding someones hands. giving hugs when you hold him.



You are a spunky, sweet, happy little boy! We love how your hair seems to have as much personality as you do. Every day is an adventure watching you learn & grow. It’s truly amazing how much you adore your big brother and daddy. I have a feeling that your feisty scream is going to turn into lots of words before we know it. You are such a joy. We all adore your bright blue eyes and big smile!
Love you little buddy!
Hope you enjoyed the update! We’ll be back real soon!

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