off to the tropics

today we head to Hawaii with both kiddos

I am very excited to get in some relaxing and see Lucas experience the beach for the first time.
But also nervous to be spending 6 hours on an airplane with both kids. Especially since, Cash woke me up at 2:30am wheezing, crying, asking for medicine and then decided we were up for the day at 6:30am. Poor kid seems to have a slightly different version of the cold his little brother tried to catch (he’s still draining with a little cough but it’s much much better than Monday morning). Bring on more oils, honey & lemon! Crossing my fingers that this all passes very quickly. Also that I can keep it away, even with my lack of sleep & extra kid cuddles.

Thankfully we’ll have 3 adults to 2 kids and lots of play dough, stickers, markers, new toys, and endless snacks. Plus some Benadryl if I absolutely have too… haha. I have only done that to Cash once & I’m hoping I won’t have to again. Bright side, his lack of sleep last night should equal some plane sleep today!

Bring on the beach people! This Mama needs it!

I have decided not to bring my laptop, fitbit, or fancy camera (for fear of sand).
I plan to really relax & then catch back up when we return February 7th!
So, be back then…

Feel free to send some good vibes to us on the airplane, we certainly won’t turn them down!!
Have a wonderful day today.

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