Happy Valentines Day!

In the spirit of the holiday we spent some time outside & had a mini photo shoot. 
Not sure I can say it was as successful as I pictured but it’s certainly filled with cuteness. 
It has been so wonderful to spend the day together as a family (day 3 of potty training, more on that soon I promise) just relaxing at home. The boys are loving having daddy around as much as I am.
Tonight, I’m looking forward to some take out Mexican food and following up with a solo dinner out with hubby on Tuesday! We are opting to skip the restaurant madness {those poor servers/hostesses/bussers/bartenders} trust me I remember all too clear how tiring this day is for all of those in the business of hospitality. So, Tuesday (thanks to granWen) we’ll have a night out sans kids. 
Here are a few of the better shots. 

Have a mentioned lately how much I really love my fancy camera? Because, I do! I need to thank hubby again! Sure, it’s easier to just catch candids with an IPhone but I look at the quality of these and realize that I need to use it sooooooo much more. Also, I need to get ALOT more storage on this computer. I’m already super close to full, which by the way is exactly what is to blame for my lack of posting. Pretty sure I have over 200 photos on my phone that I can’t put on here due to the lack of space, uh oh.
Hope you enjoyed the cuteness. May your holiday be as filled with love as ours was!
Bye for now

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