all that is our Friday… it’s really not much but it’s quiet

can you hear it…. thats right SILENCE. Both kids are currently napping! And I am one happy mama!

Poor Cash is fighting off a touch of sickness but I’m hoping this afternoons extra sleep and his new best buddy he found at the craft store today will help him recover quickly. Especially since it’s currently 85 degrees outside and I’m seeing the water table in tonights post dinner playtime.
Meet “Lenard the Lion” *his name was all Cash*

Lucas has cut his 2nd tooth today! It finally broke the skin.
We’ve got lots of drooling, squeals, and more drooling happening with the tiny one.
Can I just tell you this photo was near impossible to snap. 
He fights me every time I put a finger  close to his mouth. But I would be feisty too if my mouth was in that much pain and I had no idea what was going on. 
We don’t have much planned this weekend. Mostly the usual cleaning out/organizing & fun with the kiddos. Add in some pre-easter prep and packing for next weeks trip.
 I’m sure it will be Monday before I know it.  
Also, it’s official I have started the party planning for Lucas’ 1st Birthday, hence the trip to the craft store today, bring on the scissors & glue gun. I’ve got ideas for days. 
Guess I better get to dinner prep before the tiny humans wake!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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