11 Months // Lucas

We are officially 1 month away from my blue eyed baby boy being 1 year old.

It’s a little bittersweet to think that almost an entire year has passed since he arrived into our lives.
Lucas is a feisty, curious, stubborn, sweet little boy. He makes us laugh and sometimes want to cry but we are so blessed with his little personality and all that he brings to our family.

Dear Lucas,
Please never lose your want to share your voice. You are determined to be heard and that is a beautiful sound when so many keep their feelings bottled up. Your tenacity & curiosity is a crazy combo that keeps us guessing. We love teaching you new things and watching you learn about the world. You are the sweetest little boy with your big hugs. We love you tiny one!!

Age: 11 months old
Weight: 19lbs (by our home scale)
Height: 28inches tall (based on mommy’s measuring tape)
Head: skipped this one this month. he’s very squirmy and we are out of town at grammy’s while I’m posting
Clothes: He is pretty much all 18 month size clothes these days. Some of the onesies and t-shirts in 12mo sizing still fit but for the most part his tummy, shoulders & chunky thighs need the 18mo room. It’s so cute to put him in all of big brothers old clothes. I love seeing it all again, bonus it’s saving us money 🙂 But I have bought a few new things that I just couldn’t resist for the season!
Favorite Foods: What doesn’t this kid like? Seriously he eats everything in sight. Give him all the carbs and veggies. He absolutely loves to see that I’ve cut up things from my plate Blueberry Pancakes, pasta, avocado, sweet potato fries. Really anything that is on our plate he wants. He loves to feed himself and rub everything in his hair.
Favorite Words: Da-da is the winner, along with the happy scream. Pa-Pa is his new word this week. And I swear I heard him say Ma-Ma once. But he is a huge fan of waving, blowing kisses, peek-a-boo & he’s starting to get the hang of clapping.
Least Favorite Words: I can’t think of a word that he absolutely dislikes. More actions. He refuses to be ignored. Also he isn’t a fan of big brother ripping toys out of his hands 🙂
Favorite Activities: Throwing the ball back and forth with daddy. Pushing toys all around the house. Pulling all the toys out of a bin and then putting them back in. Taking every piece of tupperware out of the cupboard while mommy is cooking & sneaking into the pantry when we aren’t looking. Peek-a-Boo makes him belly laugh & giggle, we have so much fun with that! He’s starting to like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Making funny faces with big brother. 
Favorite Toys: Every Ball we own.  But especially the soft soccer ball & basketball. The Tupperware Shape Sorter is a big hit. He’s really getting the hang of which shapes match. T.V remotes, water bottles and cardboard boxes are still favorites as well. 
Signature Moves: He loves to kick his legs and dance. the scrunch face while sniffing/snorting (it’s really funny). his little baby growl when he wants attention, that usually turns into a scream. The wave while saying hi. 
Other Milestones: Obviously the tiny one is Walking! He’s also trying to jump, which is really cute to watch him bend his knees and laugh. He’s very proud of his “jump” skills. Attempting to sing with big brother. 

In just 30 short days we’ll be throwing him the cutest little 1 year bash and smashing into some yummy cake! I’m not sure I’m ready for such a milestone but since I’ve yet to figure out how to stop {or even slow down} time. Bring it on! Especially the cake!
Have a great day!

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