who needs sleep

sick babies are the worst on a mama heart. seriously you just want to make it better for them but all you can you is hold them. give baby tylenol every 6 hours while they burn up in your arms and moan. Last night sucked. Tiny one had a fever of 104.7 no other symptoms just a fever all last night. come to find out tonight while talking to the 24/7 phone triage nurse it was actually a degree higher because forehead readings are a degree lower than their actual internal temp. {great. duh. why has no one ever mentioned this to me?} Anyway he finally slept soundly in his own bed around 4am till 8:30. Of course big brother was up at 6:30am looking for his blanky (left at grandmas) after I talked him out of a meltdown with the promise of milk, cereal, and watching Cars he climbed in bed with me. Thinking he was distracted I attempted sleep while he narrated Cars to me (sweet boy) “Mommy, look there’s Dinoco, there’s King” Yep. “Mommy wake up, Lightning McQueen has a flat tire” Yep. “Mommy, he’s jumping” He is. “He stuck out his tongue, silly Lightning McQueen” He is silly, Cash. “Mommy, it’s Mac” You get the idea. Sweet boy, I really wasn’t mad at him, just sooo tired and trying to sound interested in our 3,923,589th viewing of the movie Cars. Gotta love him.
Bring on the coffee.
Blanky retrieval.
More T.V. for Cash while Mommy napped on the couch.
Lucas slept nice and long, almost 4 hours to be exact. But with the skipping of tylenol dosage we were back to a 103 temp and attempting to get ahold of his pediatrician. Whose receptionist apparently stops answering phones 15 minutes before they close.
Early baths, early to bed. Hoping this Mama gets a good night sleep and that fever is gone tomorrow.

here is a little bit of cuteness in all of the fever talk.

his smile and want to play peek-a-boo didn’t waiver one bit the last 2 days so that helps the mama heart feel better. I know that my sweet baby is going to be just fine.
Goodnight all.

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