Happy 1/2 Birthday Cash

As you may know I have decided to celebrate the kids half-birthdays… evidence being that I tend to post pictures of donuts (or other treats) with a single candle on not an actual birthday. My husband isn’t exactly thrilled with this tradition yet, but hey I mean why not??? Nothing crazy just a little special treat and extra fuss. C’mon, who doesn’t love some extra recognition?! It’s fun to make a big deal on days that we wouldn’t normally think to celebrate. And as a mama watching the time with my little ones race by, it gives me a bit of extra joy to spoil them 1/2 way though the year! Shoot I counted the months leading up to having them, the months before their first birthdays and even the months before the 2nd birthday… why stop at that? While a photo with a number every single month until they’re 18 is excessive, especially since I’ll have to figure out how to get them to hold up a sign that says 216 months old on that day (graduation photos anyone lol) I kid. Seriously though, 1/2 birthdays are just another way to celebrate my sweet boys and show them it’s perfectly acceptable to treat yourself. I truly strive to show them love, joy and fun every single day. One of the most important things I hope to leave my boys with is….. Please don’t hesitate to find joy in every little thing and make some fuss over yourself once in awhile!

With Brad in Denver for work & Papa in town helping us out we had a little extra spoiling today. We already have been having extra fun with Papa here since last Friday, plus it happens to be my little brothers (actual) birthday so Cash made sure to sing to him before blowing out the candle. 
So, while we’re at it    Happy 27th Birthday lil brother (Uncle David)!!


Nothing too fancy, just a picnic style dinner a new car from Papa for each of the boys & a little balloon fun cause I happen to have a helium tank in the closet from the last party!
Each moment with these kiddos get better & better!
Bring on the fun of June!

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