Life Lately…

Yesterday & Today have been a test. How strong is my mom game?
Brad flew out Tuesday afternoon… no big deal. Our car shipped out Wednesday (easy peasy we got a rental). Teething 14 month old, eh I’ve dealt with that & Lucas is pretty much the happiest teething kid ever (knock on wood). Vomiting 3.5 yr old starting at noon with a possible concussion (from a door incident the day before) when I’m supposed to have my own doctors appointment at 3:30. Ahhh. It’s fine we can handle that. Mommy up at 3am with the worst headache and stomach nausea. Throw in the towel people. Or at least can I get a tap in for a few hours??

he has learned to use the bucket… oh yay
so much teething. but really he’s just upset I made him stand on the rocks to try to get cute photos. as previously mentioned he’s a super happy teether

Somehow I think it could actually be worse. The puke is all cleaned up. Cash is so much better today than yesterday. I just need to make it through a few more hours of nausea & pounding headache while entertaining the children before bedtime… then it’s fingers crossed we all sleep well and wake up much better tomorrow! But seriously, I’m feeling blessed that only 1 kid spent yesterday vomiting and he didn’t have a concussion. Lucas just popped tooth number 5 through while still working on number 6 so thank goodness for that being his only issue. And somehow it hasn’t been over 105 degrees outside this week!! That seems pretty good in the grand scheme.

With all this positivity I’m finishing with I would say my Mom game is still strong!! No excuse me while I go lay on the couch with Zootopia playing for the 5th time in 2 days and let my kids shake vitamin bottles that they managed to get out of a random cupboard.  45 minutes till bedtime!
Tomorrow is a new day people!

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