30 is only 1 week away

& I’m completely ok with it! 

Let’s be honest here, 30 isn’t actually something to freak out about. 
At the end of the day, Age truly is just a number. It’s all about how YOU feel.

Recently I’ve done some reflecting and thinking about what I’ve accomplished so far in life. Not to brag, I’m feeling pretty darn good about things. I’ve got an amazing husband who truly loves me for me. He not only respects my opinions thoughts & feelings but pushes me to be better for myself. Together we created two of the sweetest little boys around, who are thriving at life and learning to be kind, strong, and good people. I love how much they teach me! We are blessed to still have so much of our family and fortunate enough to have means to travel to see them often. Our work life is crazy, busy, unconventional but it puts us in the position to spend more time than most with our kids, travel frequently and we are still able to provide for our boys. Some days I don’t realize how great it is that we both can be home, other days I am in shock that we are so darn lucky. On top of all of this I am healthy, active, full of ideas, projects, & plans. Some I may never finish… Most I will. 
To have the freedom and power within myself to choose my path is probably the biggest realization I have come to as 30 approaches. I now recognize the need to find time for myself, along with time with friends, time with family. Choosing to live to the fullest and document where I can. Balance is key. Structure is just as important as spontaneity. Practicality and whimsy go hand in hand. And Life is a little (lot) easier when you pray. Time is fleeting, so embracing life in the present while pursuing your dreams is powerful. 
In 7 days I will officially be 30 years old! I am so excited to see what I can do with the next 30 years! 
If you’ve followed along from the beginning you may remember this list from 3 years ago. I have been slowly crossing things off but truthfully my goals/dreams/desires have changed a bit in the last 3 years. A few of those items just haven’t been possible yet. At the same time, I’ve managed to do a few things that I was sure wouldn’t be possible until 35. With only a week left I will be able to complete 20 out of 30. Plus 4 more scheduled before the year is up. So 24 out of 30. I would say that isn’t half bad. I have a few more things to add, that I plan to get done before this week is up… After that I will make a new list of “To-Dos” to accomplish before 35! 
After all Life is all about Goals & Dreams!
Happy Tuesday Friends!
~Back Soon~

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