Sleepy Sundays & Surveys

Todays theme was all relaxing… It’s grey and rainy here in Arizona & personally I’m loving it. 
Nights have been a little rough, I’m sharing Cash’s bed lately. The boys can’t quite seem to kick their colds completely. Or maybe it’s just teething and almost 4 year old night terrors. We honestly can’t really tell. Welcome to parenting!!! There is always something am I right? But a little less sleep is no big deal when you can cuddle up on the couch all morning, sneak out for a few groceries (with not one toy request) and stop for donuts to treat everyone!! Followed by football for the rest of the day. Brad just asked me what we’re doing for dinner… Ummm, Can we just have donuts for dinner too??
So before I tackle that question. I thought I’d share something fun. I’ve seen a few of my friends post randomly these fun questionnaires. You know a list of 25+/- questions that you answer, you ask your spouse, or even your kid(s). Basically I’m reliving my High School Myspace days… hahahaha. 
It was just too much fun to completely pass up. This morning during Mickey Mouse commercials I asked Cash a series of 12 questions. And sure enough another fun one popped up so I had to ask Brad during halftime of the Cardinals game. Its good for a laugh! 
Enjoy our silliness…. I promise to be back soon this week with a new recipe, a kiddos update & maybe even a birthday party sneak peak (but that’s only if I can get some time to craft tonight & tomorrow).  Here are the questions/answers. 

To Cash

Child test. No coaching. Write down exactly what they say.
What is your name?  Cash
How old are you? 3 (sounds like free when he says it)
When is your birthday? ummm Superheroes & Cake (we know where his head is at)
What is your favorite color? Blue
What is your favorite food? Peanut Butter Jelly
Who is your best friend? Jaxon
What is your favorite animal? Giraffe
What scares you? a monster
What’s your favorite show? Cars… and I like watching Chuck (& friends)
What makes you sad? crying
What makes you happy? the park
What do you want to be when you grow up? A football player
What does love mean? love means aaaa…. I love daddy & mommy & brother.

To Brad

The rules: Ladies, WITHOUT prompting, ask your husband or boyfriend these questions and write EXACTLY what they say:
•What is something I always say? C’monnnnn (he even imitated my voice & made Cash crack up)
•What makes me happy? your children
•What makes me sad? your children(then he laughed and said I don’t know) I must not get sad very often
•How tall am I? 5’8″
•What’s my favorite thing to do? be crafty
•What do I do when you’re not around? Blog. or watch your shows. 
•If I become famous, what will it be for? cooking
•What makes you proud of me? being a mother
•What is my favorite food? You don’t have a favorite. You like everything. (he’s right)
•What is my favorite restaurant? again. You don’t have just one. 
•Where is my favorite place to visit? Seattle
• If I could go anywhere, where would it be? Seattle or Hawaii (he’s not thinking outside the box on this)
•Do you think you could live without me? ummm No. At this point in my life no. 
•How do I annoy you? by doing sh*t like you’re doing right now
•What is my fav movie? you don’t have favorites maybe that singing one
•Who is my celebrity crush? Channing Tatum (he always pick him lol)
•You get a phone call that I am in trouble, who am I with? Jackie
Those two are Definitely entertaining!! I may have to ask Cash these questions every single year until his 18th birthday and start with Lucas too! So fun. 
Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend with your families! I’m off to solve our dinner mystery. You never know we just may end up with more donuts. 

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