little memories

Tonight was a small memory I want to never forget. It was the start to many many years of nights with cuddling & reading books to both of my littles together.

You see, Lucas isn’t big on sitting still or being told what to do. He has the opposite personality of Cash (hmm anyone seeing the similarities here?? hint. Brad & I) They are both sweet loving boys with happy bright auras and you can’t help but feel joy when you see their smiles. Trust me that is not just Mama bias, I get told 4-6x a week about the joy they each bring to complete strangers. We are certainly blessed with happy little boys!

So tonight I walked into Cash’s room to see the two of them in his bed snuggled under the covers reading a book. Talk about Proud Mama Moment. It is pretty much the sweetest sight ever to see the moments where they start forming a brother bond. It really is one that is greater than I could’ve hoped for, I love how Lucas looks up to his big brother and Cash (while often annoyed) wants to show him things and help him along the way.

I am soaking up each moment with them and I hope to cherish all of these small memories by documenting them as best I can. I wasn’t able to sneak a photo in as I was caught by surprise but I have the image seared into my mind. I will add in a super cute photo of them in Cash’s bed together a few days earlier as I started to read to them that night. I am enjoying that Lucas has officially joined in on our nighttime reading so much… I knew it would happen I just wasn’t sure when he would be ready to sit still for it. haha.


Reading to my little ones is one of my absolute favorite things to do. I have a deep love and  appreciation for books that I hope to pass on to them. One day (in our dream house) I would love to have a little library. Husband take note, it doesn’t even have to be an entire room… a window seat, floor to ceiling built-in shelves and a big comfy chair with ample lighting would be wonderful.

For now I will soak up my babies sitting on my lap and sharing stories with them!! Have a wonderful evening friends. Here’s to the start of a great holiday week!


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