Let the Magic of Christmas commence…

Tonight we put up our Christmas Tree. 
this was pre-ornament chaos. but after my lights battle. thanks to daddy distracting the boys I was able to wrestle lights for 30 minutes before they attacked the tree with ornaments.
This is actually the earliest we’ve ever put it up. Since having Cash we typically wait until after his birthday (the 7th) so that his day gets all the focus but per Cash’s insistence {starting last weekend} we decided why not! There is no way his birthday can be overshadowed by the Christmas spirit it will instead be a month of beautiful celebration! 
I’m tying to avoid thinking about my little one turning FOUR in less than 3 weeks so let’s just save that for another day!! 
Instead I’ll share with you some adorable photos of our tree experience… 

we only lost 2 ornaments to drops this year {of course one from my childhood & one from Brads} But I think with a little super glue and a few days we can have them repaired & back up on the tree out of reach from little hands. 
I must say, It is a little chaotic and so much fun to see how magical the tree is in their little eyes. 
I absolutely love teaching these sweet boys about Jesus & Christmas.  Along with carrying on/starting traditions as a family of four. 
tis the season for love, joy and Magic.
Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend with family & loved ones!

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