Moving to WordPress

It seems I’ve gone a little crazy… I can’t seem to keep up with all of my thoughts that I want to type out and publish on my tiny space of the web yet I suddenly want it to be prettier, more organized and fresh. So I’m making a giant jump and moving over from blogger to WordPress. Please stay with me as I navigate through a new system and work on actually sharing very soon!

I have organized the s**t out of what I want to write. Started a solid 25 back-dated posts. Taken more than 2K photos in the last few months. And written notes on countless ideas for future posts. Now it’s time to put my plan into action! Along with every day life you know… a 4 year old, almost 2 year old, the business, & my constant need to re-organize our home and create an even more functional space for us.

So, yeah. Here goes nothing people! A new year, A fresh start (or so they say) I’m excited to push myself a little more and tackle some new goals!

I promise to share when we’re fully up & running here!

*feel free to wish me luck*





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