Welcome Jordi JamesLee: A New Baby & A trip to Oregon

Jordi JamesLee has arrived friends!! And our entire family couldn’t be more thrilled. This little girl doesn’t even know the level of Love she has waiting for her in our crazy family! As I mentioned last Thursday she was on her way slowly… Sure enough she was born at 10:30pm weighing 7lbs 12oz. She is perfection!

After debating a bit my cousin Heidi & I decided we needed to be there. You see on my dads side of the family we are close. His siblings all live in Washington and there are 8 cousins (5 girls 3 boys), we grew up in about a 20 mile radius of each other and seemed to always do things as a family. Be it a game night, skiing, football games, camping, our own sports…. you name it we probably went on some adventure with most of the family. It was our normal until about 1999. But even after my little family moved to Arizona (moms job) we still stayed close. As we all grew up, got married and had/are having kids of our own the distance hasn’t mattered. We have brought spouses into the crazy and they seem to enjoy our family events (or they just put up with us)!! Us girls have a little running joke that we’re more like sisters than cousins (fights and all cause GIRLS). So with all that background info you may now understand why, we tend to be upset if we miss big events for one another…

Thanks to a couple of understanding husbands (who seems to get our crazy & love Jax as much as we do). A flight to Portland. An airport pickup on her way from Seattle-area. We made it into Medford around 1am Friday night!!! The two of us were like kids at Christmas   barely able to sleep and non-stop chatting. It was surprisingly enough our first (just the two of us) road trip so of course we easily filled the 4 hours from Portland to Medford.

Here are a few of the photos from our trip!! *Don’t worry I have full permission to post*

Of course I took a TON of photos but that hospital lighting doesn’t do any of us justice. Except baby Jordi. She couldn’t look bad if she tried to (*auntie bias*). I’m so grateful for the time we had, it was short but so worth the trip! We made so many memories in those >2 days! And had a ton of Laughs!!


Of course our trip had to come to an end… Neither of us wanted to leave but we had to get home to real life. The drive back seemed to fly even through a snowy pass and lots of rain. I’m already looking forward to our next adventure! What do you ladies say… Napa in the fall???

Heres to a wonderful week friends! Hope you have a great Monday!! I’ll be over here with a touch of baby fever while my husband roles his eyes 😉


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