Grammy & Papa in town

While back from Italy for 2 weeks my mom managed to convince my dad that a trip to visit us was mandatory even though her time in the US is short. The two of them will fly to Italy on March 13th for a 90 day stay for my dad and another 120+/- days for my mom. I’m so happy that she took up this opportunity to work abroad with the Boeing Company and fulfill a career bucket list item.

So they flew in Thursday and it’s been non-stop fun ever since. I think one of the most exciting thing about this trip is Lucas has finally started saying Grammy! It comes out sounding like “Mi-Mi” but it’s adorable and makes us all smile. His vocabulary is growing so much each day. I just love this stage.

Tonight at dinner Cash had us all cracking up, even sick he is quite the character. Knowing that Grammy had brought back something special for him from the renaissance faire he ate all his food and then sat around listening to the adults talk until he couldn’t take it any longer he got up and dumped his plate in the sink then walked back over to the table sniffing the air. Loudly announcing, “Grammy I think I smell something, I smell chocolate” Oh my gosh. dying. my mom almost spit out her wine. Kid after my own heart.

I look forward to what their last day here will bring. I already know the kids (and parents) will be sad to see them go. But the memories we make each time make it worth the distance. I just know they will have wonderful adventures living in Italy! My parents have plans to make the most of the experience and soak up all of the history, culture, & wine!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend with family & friends!


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