Some feelings about blogging with babes


I’m finding it’s so much harder to sit down an write these days. Make that type. It’s especially difficult (for me) to sit at the computer and put words on the screen. I have always been great at recording/journaling. But it’s usually in the pen to paper form. I have full planners and notebooks of all kinds of ideas, funny anecdotes and the things we’ve done/ are going to do. I desperately want to force myself to just type and type so I can record all of the things that have transpired in the last few months which I simply haven’t found the time to put in a post. Yet here I am behind again realizing that catching up freakin’ sucks.

It is so much harder to hit the rewind button and remember, than simply tell it like it is as life happens. Which is especially frustrating when I see how little I’ve put into this and the piles of notes I’ve taken in the past few months. So today… I give myself a little more grace. I remember that this is my own personal space on the internet and I’m allowed to do with it what I please. If I forget or don’t set aside the time that’s on me, but it is also okay. It means I’ve spent a little more time with my babies today. I’ve put a little more into my marriage today. And I’ve carved out just a little bit more me time. That is all definitely more than okay. It is living!

So, I have a goal for the months of July & August. I plan to take a social media break and put more of my energy into posting here. I already know we will be making so many memories this summer as we visit our family in Washington and take a few trips so… my hope is to really keep a better record. If nothing exciting happened that day or my brain simply doesn’t have the words to put on paper then I plan to write a “back-post” (I guess that’s what I’m calling them) meaning I will choose a day from the last oh 4- *cough* 6 months to finally post about. The one thing I do know is I have PLENTY of photos of our days to jog my mom-brain and give me fuel to write. These boys keep my on my toes everyday and they bring so much joy to us. I love looking back on the silly, amazing and hilarious things they’ve done as they grow.  Stay tuned for updates in the near future. And please if there is something on your personal to-do list… choose today to just Start.


As always thanks for reading!


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