Eclipse 2017


Today was a pretty amazing historical sight… and in over the top/doing too much Mama fashion I attempted to make it extra memorable for my boys (cue eclipse pancakes). Cause memory making in all is truly what life is about. But of course I failed to buy the necessary glasses for safe viewing (in my defense traveling is messing with my brain lately). Of course instead I just whipped up a couple of attempted pinhole projectors out of shoeboxes. Of which only one was successful. But lets be honest here, my kids were less than thrilled about hanging outside in the hot sun waiting to see something they didn’t really understand no matter how simply mommy tried to explain it to them. In the end we retreated to the couch to watch the entire thing safely. This Mama had to sneak out to snap a few photos on the phone, lets just hope I didn’t ruin the camera huh. Below is a quick slideshow of our morning, and to me it is hilarious!! Enjoy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope wherever you are in the country you were able to view this little moment in history as well. Happy Monday my friends!

Bye for now.


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